Key Machine History

The first production pin tumbler lock cylinder was invented by Linus Yale Jr. in 1861. With the production of mass produced pin tumbler cylinders keys needed to me mass produced and that led to the reciprocating file cutters. Few of these have survived over the years and that makes them very rare.

Did you know that the first production key machine was invented in 1878 and patented in 1895? The inventor was Edmund R. Darling of Providence RI. He applied for a patent on February 14, 1895 and was granted the patent in October 22, 1895. Mr. Darling then licensed the Graham Mfg. Co., of Derby CT to manufacture and distribute his key machine.

Graham offered this machine in a hand crank and a flat belt driven model. With either machine you received a large fiber cutting wheel or a steel saw type cutting wheel. Both were available with a 6” to 9” in diameter cutting wheels.

Key Machines are fascinating and the history is extensive. Keys came in all shapes and sized and for every unique key came a key machine to duplicate that key. Some machines were designed to duplicate many different types of keys and some were designed to only cut one type of key.

Our museum features over 200 different key machines and as you go through the evaluation of key machines you will notice the design and engineering changes that made these machines more sophisticated and durable.

About us

Founded by Tom Demont in 2015, The Antique Key Machines Museum Of America houses some of the rarest key machines in the World. Most of the machines are from Tom's personal collection. The remainder are donated from enthusiasts around the world. Call to schedule a private showing.

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